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C&Z Pest Control is pleased to offer weed control, pre-emergent and post emergent applications.  We offer weed control services to residential and commercial.  Power wand or back pack treatments available.   Why hire C&Z Pest Control for weed control?

  • All our treatments are designed with pet and bird safety in mind.
  • We offer fair prices to treat and maintain your property.
  • We have the knowledge to take the guess work out of pre- and post-emergent applications.
  • We can provide customized treatment options.
  • We have the tools, techniques, and licensed technician to make your life easy.
  • We take pride in making your property free of weeds.  When your property looks great.  We feel great.
  • Our pest control experience will benefit property owners in insect control.

Things to consider:

  • Pre-emergent in Arizona should be applied during the months of January-February and June and July.
  • Post-emergent in Arizona should be applied any time of the year when you want to take out unwanted grass or weeds in your yard.
  • Regular maintenance will help keep your yard free and clear of unwanted grass and weeds.
  • Suggest every three months for ideal results 

Weed control service options include one time, quarterly or semi-annually.  Cost is dependent on area of service.