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​​C&Z Pest Control is based in the west valley and provides pest control service for the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  Services outside the Phoenix Metro area is available with scheduling.  C&Z Pest Control treats a wide variety of pests including ants, scorpions, spiders, crickets, roaches, earwigs, and rodents.

C&Z Pest Control offers flexible service options including one-time visit, monthly, and bi-monthly.  We can offer you a contract to establish a fixed price and a guaranteed reoccurring time for treatment.  Or, we can simply respond to your call – no contract required.  We offer the flexibility to meet your needs. 
Pest control services are offered to residential and commercial properties.  We are committed to controlling pests. If you continue to see pest between service dates, call us.  Our commitment to your satisfaction means that we will return at no charge.

Pest control options includes exterior and/or interior service. Exterior treatment includes foundations, windows, doorways, and de-webbing eves creating a barrier between the insects and your home.  Interior service focuses on the type of invading pest (pest to control) and those specific areas of concern. 

C&Z follows product labels allowing for varying mixing levels to control a variety of common pests. Our selected products are mixed at the proper, EPA-approved levels and are applied correctly per the manufacturer’s requirements.  Any chemicals applied are measured, cataloged and reported to the State of Arizona.  We are a committed green company that is environmentally conscious.  That means that we have a commitment to riding you of pests without damaging the fragile environment.   Call for a free inspection and quote at 602-319-2082.  

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